Magnetic Truss Rod Covers

No Screws?

I wanted something a little easier to access and a little more elegant than a conventional screw to secure the truss cover so I started experimenting with rare earth magnets hidden under the truss rod cover. Finding the correct size and strength of magnet took a bit of experimentation in the beginning design stages. If the magnet was too strong the cover would be too hard to remove. If they were too weak the cover may fall off if someone was getting aggressive with the guitar. Through a lot of trial and error I found a nice balance between the two.  The result is a clean streamlined look that is highly functional and allows easy access to the truss rod. The cover is quite easy to remove with no tools and at the same time the magnets are strong enough to where the truss cover is secure and won’t accidentally come off even during heavy use. My floating truss cover comes standard on some of my higher end guitars and is an option for all custom builds.

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