The Helix

The Helix Pro Series Custom.


The ideal shred machine.

Our thinnest, fastest neck. The Helix was designed around it’s thin yet curved profile that sits comfortably in your hands. It features a deep cutaway and combined with our professional fret dressing and set up, the low action let’s you fret clean notes with minimal effort right up to the highest fret.

The drop top is a blank canvas and allows for a wider range of exotic hardwoods along with any of our binding options. With subtle details like magnetic and grain-matched cavity covers, your Helix will look as great as it sounds.  And of course, it comes with our favourite hardware. The Helix comes equipped with respected brands like Hipshot, Seymour Duncan, Wolfetone, CTS and Switch-Craft among others.

Top Features.

Floating neodymium truss rod cover.

Grain matched screw-less cavity covers

Smooth sculpted neck to body transition.

Our truss rod covers use a set of neodymium magnets instead of a conventional screws for a clean streamlined look. We refer to it as the floating truss cover.  Its easily removed and magically snaps back into place and stays firmly right where its supposed to.

Cavity covers have never looked so cool. We take a perfectly matched piece of wood from the body and trade screws for powerful neodymium magnets. The cover can only be removed with the provided removal tool and won’t accidentally become dislodged by metal objects like belt buckles. The finished look is stunning and unique.

Each guitar we make gets a smooth contoured neck to body transition that feels incredibly natural in your hands. Combined with the deep lower cutaway you get unencumbered access to the entire fretboard. Playing on even the highest frets feels almost effortless.


Optional exotic hardwood binding.

A different way to direct mount pickups.

Hipshot classic open gear guitar tuning machines.

The Helix can be ordered with a number of options including hardwood binding in a variety of colors and species.  Each piece is painstakingly bent by hand. Shown here is Padauk binding.

Direct mounting pickups with wood screws can strip with repeated use and the range of adjustment is limited. We use threaded inserts and machine screws along with traditional mounting springs and foam. The result is a direct mount system that positively couples the pickup with the body while delivering far greater range of adjustability and longevity. 

We feel they’re some of the finest tuners on the market and the come as standard equipment on all of our models.  They’re lightweight and deliver smooth and accurate tuning with an 18:1 gear ratio.  Available in closed back and locking configurations. 


  • Top: Choice of wood.
  • Body: Choice of woods. Contoured body with full access cutaway.
  • Binding: ABS or can be custom ordered with hard wood binding.
  • Neck: 25” scale set neck with ergonomic sculpted heel.
  • Truss cover:  Screw-less floating hardwood cover via neodymium magnets.
  • Fingerboard: Ebony or Rosewood with mother of pearl inlay and choice of side dot material. (ABS plastic, pearl or luminescent).
  • Inlay: Pearl dot inlay is standard.  Custom designs can (and are encouraged) be ordered on request.
  • Head plate: Ebony with standard logo. We will occasionally custom match the head plate to another part of the guitar. Custom inlay options on request.
  • Bridge:  Hipshot hardtail comes standard. Other bridges can be special ordered.
  • Tuners: 18/1 Hipshot open back tuners.
  • Finish: Nitrocellulose lacquer.
  • Strap buttons: Standard buttons. Schaller quick release on request.
  • Frets: Jescar Stainless steel .051 tall.
  • Pickups: Seymour Duncan SH-4/SH-2 standard. Can be ordered with any customer choice.
  • Electronics: Master volume, master tone, 3- way toggle and optional push-pull coil split on tone control and optional treble bleed on volume.
  • NOTE: Just about everything on the Helix can be custom configured. If you want it, just ask us!