Guitar Models

The Artist Custom Carved-top.

Our flagship model. Starting at $2599

The Avalon Artist six string is a mid-weight guitar dripping with tone. Its set neck construction gives it an unbelievable amount of sustain despite its lighter 7 lb weight. It usually comes loaded with two low to med output PAF style pickups which give it a complex wide voice and lets it cover an incredible amount of musical ground. It can go from a creamy cleans to a biting leads with just a roll of the volume knob.

The Windsor Carved-top.

A moderately priced workhorse. Starting at $1699

We wanted to create a high performing custom guitar that doesn’t destroy your wallet.  The Performer has the same core elements as the Artist. We still use only the best tone woods and electronics for a balanced warm sound with plenty of clarity, but without the extras like neck bindings or inlays. 

The Helix Pro Series Custom.

The ideal shred machine. Starting at $1795

Our thinnest, fastest neck. The Helix was designed around it’s thin yet curved profile that sits comfortably in your hands. It features a deep cutaway and combined with our professional fret dressing and set up, the low action let’s you fret clean notes with minimal effort right up to the highest fret.

The drop top is a blank canvas and allows for a wider range of exotic hardwoods along with any of our binding options. With subtle details like magnetic and grain-matched cavity covers, your Helix will look as great as it sounds.