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New Website 2.0 coming soon!

Our new JWG website is coming soon! I just wanted to take a minute to let our visitors know that we've been hard at work developing a new website for the last few months.  The new site will show off our products with a little more depth and we'll be adding some video demo's of our [...]
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Custom or off the shelf?

Custom built guitar or off the shelf? So, the question is, custom hand-built or just off-the shelf? This is a veritable debate, and a dilemma every well-established musician faces. But I’m hoping that this article will provide direction to your thoughts and clear up your doubts. You’ll ask, how? Read on... The first thing which [...]
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Magnetic Truss Rod Covers

No Screws? I wanted something a little easier to access and a little more elegant than a conventional screw to secure the truss cover so I started experimenting with rare earth magnets hidden under the truss rod cover. Finding the correct size and strength of magnet took a bit of experimentation in the beginning design stages. If the magnet was too strong the cover would [...]
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