About John Wallace Guitars

A little about myself.

 I acquired my first guitar when I was 15 years old and I’ve been infatuated with playing, repairing and building guitars ever since then. I’m based out of San Diego California and I produce a limited number of custom hand-crafted guitars per year. My build philosophy is pretty straight forward. I believe that function should trump fashion and should be paramount when constructing an instrument.

My builds are drawn and inspired from time-honored classic designs with an emphases on light weight, ergonomic streamlined body contours, unrestricted upper fret access, and of course great playability.  My guitars are handcrafted from the ground up using select tone woods and top-shelf hardware and electronics.  Each one is carefully thought out and executed. No two are ever exactly the same which sets them apart from the big box brand names. From selecting unique pieces of tone wood to buffing out the final finish, there are no shortcuts. My aim is to build an instrument that inspires the player, the kind of instrument I’d want to play myself.