New model and how it was made videos.

New model and how it was made video premier.

Late last year I started designing a new model based around a Super Strat that I ultimately named the Helix. Although it has some similarities to other guitars out there it has some subtle differences I wanted to incorporate into my own model. Things like a thinner neck profile, deeper cutaway for better fret access, magnetic truss covers and a thinner body.

While building the first Helix I broke out the video equipment and documented the entire process. I planned on someday releasing a “How its made” type video series of my build process so that my customers can see just what goes into making one of our guitars from the ground up.

Shooting the build was a time consuming task. Stopping at each step of the build process to set up a camera angles slows down the build process considerably.  Over the time it took to complete the build we shot something in the neighborhood of 40-45 hrs worth of footage.

The build was completed late in 2016 but the footage has been sitting untouched on a hard drive for months. As you can imagine, with 40 plus hours of footage it was a time consuming task just to roll through and view all the footage we shot just one time to see what we had, let alone organize it all and edit it all down to a point to where its viewable.

After many hours editing we finally have the first installment complete. The plan now is to release a new installment each week until the series is complete.

So with that being said I give you the first 4 min installment of the Helix build series. Part one. If you like it please subscribe to my youtube channel so you can be notified as each section is released. Thanks for visiting JWG.

~John W.

If you’d like more info or to discuss a custom build of your own please contact us.¬†

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