Screw-less grain matched cavity covers

Screw-less Grain Matched Cavity Cover Demo

This is a demo of our screw-less electronics cavity covers. There are thin but powerful neodymium magnets imbedded inside the cover plate. We’ve engineered it so that casual bumps with medal objects like your belt buckle don’t accedentally dislodge it. It can only be removed with the specially built cube tool (included with the guitar). The cube is made from the same wood as the body or neck of the guitar.

The guitar in the video also shows our grain matched cavity covers.  You’ll notice that the grain runs from the body and completely through the cavity cover from one side to the other and matches almost exactly. Its a labor intensive process thats available as an option on our guitars, and we think it looks pretty damn slick.

If you’d like more info or to discuss a custom build of your own please contact us. 

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