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Guitar cavity covers

Here are a few progress shots of the cavity covers on my DMP-SN model. The majority of off the shelf guitars you’ll find and even a lot of customs, will have a plain plastic cavity cover on the back with a few wood screws holding it on. This is fine but I like to offer something a bit above and beyond. On may of my higher end builds I’ll use timber from the same billet of wood the body was taken from to make the cavity cover. I’ll use substantially thick piece. This is because I like to contour the back sides of my guitars.  By using a thick piece of wood vs a flat plastic piece of plastic I can bring that back body contour right through the path where the cavity cover sits.

Doing the cavity covers this way takes a substantial amount of extra time to do.  To take this a bit further, instead of using traditional wood screws to mount the cover I use threaded Allen head screws in conjunction with brass or steel threaded inserts. This improves the aesthetics of the guitar but more importantly it ads to the durability and longevity of the instrument. Machines screws and metal inserts won’t strip out if they are over tightened (within reason of course) like wood screws often do. Doing all of this adds multiple steps to the build process but to me its totally worth it and its another point that makes my builds a bit different from the rest of whats out there. If you’re thinking of purchasing a guitar or just want more info, feel free to contact us. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe.

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