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"My goal is to build an instrument that inspires the player,
the kind of instrument I'd want to play myself."

Guitars that are both beautiful and functional.

Ergonomically, this means a deep cutaway for upper fret access, comfortable back contours, a smooth neck to body transition and a lighter balanced body. Aesthetics then come a close second. My favorite details are the optional screw-free magnetic covers that hide the truss rod or electronics cavity.

Materials chosen both for their tone, beauty and durability.

For example, I offer stainless steel frets despite the considerable amount of extra wear and tear on tools they take and the extra work they take to install. I feel the silky smooth feel they give when bending notes and the fact that will almost never wear down is well worth the extra effort.

Or for our tone woods,  I spend hours personally sifting through our lumber merchants stock. That way I can hand select the very best pieces chosen not only for their beauty, but for the remarkable tonality and resonance.

Have you ever given second thought to the choice of screws used in a guitar?

Typical wood screws can strip out over time, usually during reassembly after maintenance. It takes longer and cost me a little more, but all of our bolt-on neck models come with threaded metal inserts and machine screws as standard equipment.  This not only keeps the screws from stripping, but makes for an exceptional connection between the neck and the body and improves resonance. Threaded inserts are also an option on cavity covers screws. These are some of the hidden details that add up to make a quality instrument.

Like a good song, the subtleties turn a guitar from great to beautiful.

With my guitars you can choose from a range of these details. For example, whilst most manufacturers offer standard ABS binding or faux (No) binding, we offer the option of using hand bent hardwood binding for a truly stunning one of a kind custom.

Extra steps need to be taken to realize a guitar’s true playing potential.

A proper setup is about more than just setting the string height. Every guitar I craft gets an in-depth setup before it leaves my workshop. This includes a full comprehensive fret leveling and dressing. This insures that the action can be set low as possible for smooth buzz free playing.

You’re still here? Well, go read about more details in our shop blog, or check out our guitars.